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Chiaki Nagoya (名古屋 稚空 Nagoya Chiaki) is the new mysterious male student at Maron's school, who also happens to be her neighbor. He's the type of guy all girls like and admire - smart, handsome, athletic: simply irresistible. He lives alone in his apartment and shares nothing about his family and past. It has been revealed that his father owns a hospital.

Just like Maron, Chiaki is a normal high-school student by day, and an art thief by night - a fact that remains hidden for his classmates. Chiaki transforms into Kaitou Sinbad - Jeanne's rival - with the help of Access Time.

Character history[]

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne[]

Physical appearance[]

As Chiaki, he has blue hair and brown eyes. As Sinbad, he has whitish hair and bluish/indigo-colored eyes.

Personality and traits[]

He's very flirty towards Maron.