Mr. Hiromi is the father of Miyasaki and got possesed once. He was rescued by Jeanne.
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Mr. Hiromi was a friendly and loving husband and father, while he wasn´t possesed. When he got, he changed completly: Suddenly he severe, didn´t like any jokes anymore and his daughter was getting in his nerves, so he screamed at her, even hit her. Even possesed he didn´t loose his passion for building toys and machines, even if used them, then, as weapons. Luckly Jeanne changed him back to normal and his family just thought, he was overworked.


Mr. Hiromi was very succsessful as toy-builder and also made many for his daughter, Miysaki. But then he bought a new picture and got possesed by a demon from it. His whole character changed, but Kaitou Jeanne found out. One night she attacked, allthough Mr. Hiromi and the police were there. She only managed to defeat the demon with help of Sinbad, and Mr. Hiromi changed back to normal and continue with his happy family life.