I.O.N (イ・オ・ン () ) is a fantasy shojo manga by Arina Tanemura. The series ran in Ribon for six months in 1997.[1] It was published into one volume by Shueisha in December 1997.[2] Viz Media licensed I.O.N for release in North America in 2007.[3]

The series was initially planned for only three chapters, but was lengthened to six after Ribon requested it.[4] Tanemura penned a one chapter sequel to the manga in October 2010.[5]



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Ion Tsuburagi

The heroine of the series, named after positive ions. She happens to be a psychic and falls in love with Mikado Hourai.

Mikado Hourai

A high school student interested in psychic powers. He is the president of the Psychic Power Development Research Club. Mikado also worships a fictional superhero, Psychic Man.


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I.O.N was originally planned to be three chapters long. However, Tanemura's editor gradually increased the length until it reached six.[4] It debuted in the June issue of Shueisha's magazine Ribon in 1997. [1] The manga was collected into one volume in December 1997.[2] Viz Media licensed I.O.N, Time Stranger Kyoko, and Short-Tempered Melancholic for their "Shojo Beat" label in 2007.[3] I.O.N was published by Viz in April 2008.[6]

Tanemura published a one chapter sequel to I.O.N in the November 2010 issue of Ribon Fantasy Zokan Go, a special edition of Ribon.[5][7] The chapter was also included in bunkobon edition of I.O.N, which was published into in May 2011.[8] It was also published in volume eight of Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura.[9]


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