The 12 Strangers of the series, including Kyoko Suomi (center)

Time Stranger Kyoko is a fantasy manga series created by Arina Tanemura. The series is set in the thirtieth century, after the planet Earth has united as one country, called Earth Nation. Kyoko Suomi, the manga's protagonist and princess of Earth Nation, is on a quest to wake her sister, Ui. Her love interest is her bodyguard, Sakataki Jin.


Kyoko SuomiEdit

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Minor charactersEdit


Anako (アナコ () ) is a giant pet snake that belongs to Sarai Onishi. She is currently in a long-distance with Snake-chama, who lives with his owner. It is later revealed that Anako is pregnant. Snake-chama left her, calling himself a "no-good man", but promising to return for the child's Shichi-Go-San Ceremony.[1] Anako has stereotypical shojo eyes and always wears a bow. Her name comes from anaconda, a type of snake.[2]

Priest DoronEdit

Priest Doron[3] is a priest in the employ of Earth Nation's royal family. He is extremely knowledgeable about Ui Suomi's condition. Priest Doron explains to Kyoko Suomi about the time clock that lies under Ui. It is also hinted that he knows that Kyoko is the daughter of Chronos.


Hiromi is a classmate of Kyoko. While gossiping about Earth Nation's princess, someone mentions Sakataki and Hizuki, leading Hiromi to say "how cool!" Later, Hiromi and her classmates apologize to Kyoko for gossiping about her, though they did not know her realy identity at the time. Hiromi has straight hair and appears to be good friend with a girl in pigtails.


Kiyu is the late queen of Earth Nation and wife of Earth King. She died giving birth to her only child, Ui. The King asked Chronos to stop time for her, so her body stay perfectly preserved. When Kyoko's soul needs a body in order to remain on Earth, he allows her to use Kiyu's body. He states to Kyoko that Kiyu would have been happy about it.[4] The King also likes Chocola because she reminds him of Kiyu.[5]


Kizuki is a classmate of Kyoko and Karen. He criticizes the royal family, saying "[he'd] like to see them do their job." After learning Kyoko's true identity, he feels guilty. He and his other classmates attend Kyoko's birthday ceremony, where they apologize for hurting her. Kizuki can be blunt and quick to assume things.

Mitsuru KikurageEdit

Mitsuru Kikurage is a 22-year-old collector of rare items. He is from an elite family. Mitsuru convinces Karen Momoto, who falls in love with him, to stay at his home and care for his golden flowers. His real aim is to put her up for auction on the black market. When Kyoko saves Karen, Mitsuru follows them threw a hidden canal. He almost drowns, but Karen saves him. Afterwards, he goes to prison and sends a letter to Karen thanking her.[6]


Miwa is the apprentice of designer Yumi. She steals his father's lace design and burns it. Her intentions were good as she did it to help him realize that he was setting limits on himself. Miwa later admits her wrongdoing to Kyoko and Yumi overhears. He almost slaps her until Kyoko stops time and returns with a lace pattern Yumi created as a child. Miwa then apologizes to him and he thanks her.[7]


Snake-chama (スネちゃま () ) is the giant pet snake of Witzig. When Witzig left the Snake Tribe village, Snake-chama came with him. Witzig usually rides on top on Snake-chama's head. He has a wife named Anako, who is later revealed to be pregnant.[1] She lives with her owner, Sarai, so the relationship is long-distanced. Along with a perpetual scowl, Snake-chama sports a heart-shaped tattoo and visible stitches.


Tako-don is a minister of the Fish Tribe and "one of the major wielders of power". He lives in Ryugu Palace.[2] Tako-don works alongside the chief of the Fish Tribe, Mizuno Souba. He is an octopus, which is called "tako" in Japanese. Tako-don also wears traditional Japanese clothing.


Yumi is the head designer for the popular brand "Ai・Shi". The brand was founded by his father some twenty years prior. His father's lace design goes missing and Yumi accuses his apprentice, Miwa of stealing it. Yumi's suspicions are correct, though Miwa did it to help him out of his "slump". He nearly slaps her, until Kyoko stops time. She returns with a lace pattern he made as a child. Yumi decides use the design for Kyoko's dress. He then thanks Miwa.[7] Sometime later, Yumi designs a dress for Ui.


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