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Takuto Kira (タクト・キラ) is a Shinigami in training. He is part of the pediatric squad, on a team called "Negi Ramen". His partner is Meroko. Takuto can transform into a cat plushie. He falls in love with Mitsuki.


When he was alive, Takuto was part of Mitsuki's father's band, "Route:L". It consisted of Aoi, (Mitsuki's father), Dr. Wakaouji, and the 12 year old Takuto. He actually met Mitsuki as a young child in the manga. Some time later, he developed cancer and lost his voice. He committed suicide because he could no longer sing.


Takuto's manga and anime characters are a bit different. In the manga, he first appears to be rather cool and a logical presence but then we find he gets quite excitable and spastic. The anime keeps mostly to the cool and level-headed side he shows at first, mostly throughout the series, usually being the voice of reason when Meroko and Mitsuki are at a loss for what to do. He is rather snarky when it comes to Meroko's hairbrained schemes and is quick to point out obvious details that she ignores or forgets. It's simple to recognize that he's easily the smartest and most mature of the three...but once he gets jealous, he can act like bratty middle-school boy. This sometimes makes Mitsuki look like the more mature one. When Takuto gets angry, most times he will go off to be anti-social by himself but if anyone he cares about is threatened, (especially Mitsuki) watch out! He isn't someone you'd want to mess with....whether he's taking his rage out on nearby objects.....or the people who are making him angry.

When it comes to his true feelings, Takuto is as tsundere as tsundere can get. He is always putting up fronts, avoiding truths, and changing the subject if his pride is in danger. Why? Because it embarrasses him! But don't be fooled because that stubborn, foul-mouthed jerk attitude is only on the surface... for right below it, is an extremely warm-hearted boy who will do anything to keep the girl he loves happy and out of harm's way. He doesn't like it when his friends are unhappy either and will defend them to the ground. It's quite obvious that his biggest weakness however, is Mitsuki herself. All she needs to do is smile sweetly and Takuto goes from tough guy to marshmallow in Mitsuki's small hands and he even admits in the manga, "I'm pretty weak against her".

Comment by ArinaEdit

Takuto Kira... a tred shinigami, who says the wrong things. I wanted him to look like a toy, so I dressed him like that. The cat version was something I drew a while back that has appeared in others of my series. (I used it again.) It first appeared in book 7 of "Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne". Those that want to be obsessive fans can call Takuto in cat (neko) form "neko-kun" (laugh)