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The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross (紳士同盟† (しんしどうめいクロス) Shinshi Dōmei Kurosu), stylized as The Gentlemen's Alliance †, is a manga series written and illustrated by Arina Tanemura. The series was released monthly from August 2004 to June 2008 in Ribon magazine.[1][2] Shueisha published the manga into eleven volumes in Japan.[3] Viz Media licensed the series in North America.[4]

In December 2004, The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross was adapted into an audio drama[5] and released as an extra in Ribon. Tanemura published an art book dedicated to the series in June 2008.[6] Following the series' end, Tanemura began Mistress Fortune.[7]

The story follows Haine Otomiya, who enrolls at Imperial Academy in order to meet Shizumasa Togu, the Emperor of the school.



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Viz Media release

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The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross began in the September 2004 issue of the shojo manga magazine, Ribon.[5] Tanemura concluded the series and began Mistress Fortune in the July 2008 issue. She was the first manga artist in Ribon to end a series and begin a new one in the same issue.[7] In the following September, Tanamura published a side story to The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross.[2]

The series was collected into eleven volumes by Shueisha in Japan.[3] It was licensed in North America by Viz Media for their "Shojo Beat" line.[4]

Drama CD[]

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An audio drama, also known as a drama CD, was adapted from The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross in December 2004.[5] It was distributed as an extra in Ribon. Tanemura voiced Maora and the Postman in the audio drama.

Art book[]

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In June 2008, Tanemura published her third art book, titled The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross: Arina Tanemura Illustrations.[6] Unlike her previous art book, her third only included art from The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross.


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