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"This Love Is Nonfiction" (この恋はNONフィクション () ) is a one-shot by Arina Tanemura. It was her fourth story since her debut and her first to have an opening page in color.[1] The story was published in 1997 in Ribon Bikkuri, a special spring edition of Ribon. "This Love Is Nonfiction" was also included in Tanemura's short story collection, Short-Tempered Melancholic.

Karin Takasegawa's friend, Yuri Akamatsu pleads with Karin to meet her pen pal. Yuri has sent a photo of Karin to him instead of herself. Karin meets with Yuri's pen pal as promised, but slowly starts to fall for him. In the end, Ryo Satake reveals that his friend, Ryono Atsushi had done the same thing as Yuri by sending a photo of Ryo.



Karin Takasegawa

The story's heroine and Yuri's friend. Karin helps Yuri by meeting her pen pal, but ends up falling for him. However, everything turns out all right, when Ryo Satake reveals that he was also helping his friend. It is strongly hinted that she enters into a relationship with Ryo. Karin was born into a rich family and has a strong fixation on dolphins.

Ryo Satake

Karin's love interest and Ryono's friend. Ryo meets Ryono's pen pal, after he sends her a picture of Ryo instead of himself. Ryo falls in love with Karin, and presumably enters into a relationship with her. He does not reveal his full name until the last panel of the story.

Yuri Akamatsu

Ryono's pen pal and Karin's friend. Yuri asks Karin to meet her pen pal, after she sends a photo of Karin to him. She follows Karin and Ryo on their date, meeting her real pen pal several times along the way. Eventually the two of them realize that they made the same mistake. It is also hinted that they become a couple in the end.

Ryono Atsushi

Yuri's pen pal and Ryo's friend. He, like Yuri, asks Ryo to meet his pen pal, after sending her a picture of Ryo. Ryono also follows Karin and Ryo on their date. He and Yuri possibly enter into a relationship after realizing the mistake.


Karin's odd-looking bodyguard. He went on to appear as a secondary character and mascot in I.O.N.


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