Ui Suomi (朱臣 憂 Suomi Ui) is the true daughter of the Earth King. She has been in a deep sleep since her birth sixteen years ago.

Ui first sees the world around 16/17. She can speak, but her mind isn´t completly developed and she has the desires and whims of a small child. Things she likes most are food and Hizuki, one of the bodyguards of the princesses.


The gigantic clock under the bed, were Ui stayed ever since, was build by the time god Chronos. Only if the clock moves, the princess can wake up. But for that you need the godness-stones and their masters. Her sister Kyoko manages to get all of them and wakes Ui up, but dissapears at the same moment. It turns out Kyoko is the daughter of the time god Chronos and Ui the real and only daughter of the earth-king. After Kyoko returns from her real father, the both live in the castle and have the status of princesses.

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