Yoneya Tanaka (田中 よね Tanaka Yoneya), often just called Yone or Tanaka, is the housemaid of Mitsuki Koyama's grandmother Fuzuki Koyama . She helps her looking after Mitsuki. Her jobs in the house are cleaning and cooking, she´s mostly drawn in Chibi.

Character historyEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Her hair is like a bumpy afro. It is a Chocolate like color. She is usually seen wearing an apron.Also her eyes always seem to be closed/ made of a few lines.

Personality and traitsEdit

It is hinted that she likes Dr. Wakaoji, when she see's Ms. Oshige ( Mitsuki's Manager), and Wakaoji together. She then thinks that Oshige is Wakaojis fiance, and demands a challenge to see who is more suitable o be Wakaojis wife.

Behind the scenesEdit